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There is a very large amount of information on Fire Safety Legislation in the UK available for download. We've condensed a lot of it into these downlaodable files that you can read or download by clicking any of the links in the table below. We've found many useful advisory PDF documents from the website, many of which you will also find below

Also there are many ammendments and updates to fire safety form the government. A useful page to visit is here

Please check back regularly as we will be continually adding to this section...

Fire Risk Assessments and General Guidance
Fire safety: guidance for the hospitality industry
Fire safety risk assessment: animal premises and stables
Fire safety risk assessment: means of escape for disabled people
Fire safety risk assessment: open-air events and venues
Fire safety risk assessment: transport premises and facilities
Fire safety risk assessment: healthcare premises
Fire safety risk assessment: residential care premises
Fire safety risk assessment: theatres, cinemas and similar premises
Making your premises safe from fire
Fire safety risk assessment: 5-step checklist
Fire safety risk assessment: factories and warehouses
Fire safety risk assessment: large places of assembly
Fire safety risk assessment: small and medium places of assembly
Fire safety risk assessment: educational premises
Fire safety risk assessment: sleeping accommodation
Fire safety risk assessment: offices and shops


What about Fire Risk Assessments?

By law, if you are responsible for commercial premises, you need to make sure that a Fire Risk Assessment has been completed by a competent person. It's mandatory to carry out a detailed assessment identifying the risks and hazards in the premises. It must be recorded if you have a total of five or more employees. The responsible person for the premises is also required to:

  • Consider who may be especially at risk.
  • Eliminate or reduce the risk of fire as far as is reasonably practical.
  • Provide general fire precautions to deal with any risk.
  • Take additional measures to ensure fire safety where flammable or explosive materials are used or stored.
  • Create a plan to deal with any emergency and where necessary record any findings.
  • Maintain general fire precautions, and facilities provided for use by firefighters.
  • Keep any findings of the risk assessment under review.

You can read more on our 'Fire Risk Assessments page' here

Where will I find additional guidance about the required standards for my building?

If you are responsible for specialised housing – for example, sheltered housing, extra care housing, or supported housing for people with common characteristics, such as learning disabilities and mental health problems – NFCC Specialised Housing Guidance is helpful.

If you need information about requirements for purpose-built dwellings such as blocks of flats, the Local Government Association (LGA) provides useful information in their downloadable publication Fire safety in purpose-built flats.

If you are looking for more information about shared houses, bedsits and HMOs, please see this LACoRS guidance.

The website is here – it provides additional guidance for most circumstances.